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Friday, December 3, 2010

Zodiac Signs Gemini Online

Zodiac Signs Meaning

Gemini sign has an active mind
As a Gemini, you tend to find yourself always looking for something, to get to know you the truth and the facts and details about everything. Your mind is always buzzing with ideas and thoughts, you want to be in the know and part of the conversation of everyone.
You tend to verbalize your thoughts and this can run you trouble with some people, others may think that what you say is what you mean when this is not happening, you are so variable in your opinion others may think that you are opposed which is true - but some people may not see eye to eye with the way your mind works.

Gemini sign is verbal and intellectual
Gemini unfortunately has a reputation for being a liar but you just say what comes to mind, does not mean it is written in stone, this also can cause other people see you as unreliable. They do not understand spinning ideas and comparison of theory and all types of activity of thought in your mind, but this is what makes you so special, your uncanny ability to dissect something and create something new. On the other hand, courage and intelligent wittiness you attract a certain type of person to you, and people look at you and admire your sense of humor funny and interesting views.

Gemini sign is optimistic
Gemini makes good friends, you are always interesting to listen to, great to carry on the debate never ends with and you always have something on the go. Your vitality and sunny disposition following a change of mood that you may have and even if times get tough, you still see the light at the end of the tunnel, great quality in a friend, you're always ready to encourage a friend in need.

Gemini sign is social
You are a social butterfly and you have mastered the art of communication and dealing with people. You can justify any action you undertake. You even may have talent for manipulation, you can indirectly convince people to do what you want, it's the control, you want to have power, but these are things you might not realize rooted! One thing you do know for sure is that you want to be the center of attention and you have many, with your large circle of friends and everyone knows who you are.

Gemini sign is emotionally detached
You are not good at dealing with emotions. You live your life in your head, free of emotion and you can really insensitive, not on purpose but you do not fully understand the emotion so you avoid them. This may have difficulty in dating relationship if you choose sensitive
boyfriend / girlfriend. Your best bet with other people who are as brave as you and who is not possessive or too emotional.

Gemini sign needs novelty
Most of your thirst for life led by your curiosity. You want to know what makes people tick and you want to experience new things. You get bored easily and need constant stimulation, this could be a good thing or bad. If your job requires repetitive work, you can easily get distracted and lose interest. If your job requires you to be in the collection of information moves, such as journalists or researchers even child care worker, you're happy and preform very well.

Gemini sign is indecisive
Gemini is the sign of duality, you have two personalities inside of you that are sometimes in conflict and sometimes in harmony. This is why you are so in doubt, it is difficult for you to make decisions because you feel that you want both. You flip your feelings on a dime, you may be happy one second and the next depressed.
adaptation you bring your luck, if you see that certain projects do not have a chance to succeed, you can create change and something new shape. You embrace change and challenge, and eventually you'll get what you want. Gemini sometimes seem intuitive, but this is only practical mind you see things the way they really are and formulate a definite plan for success by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of your mental scale ob. Of course, Gemini curse of the doubt will lurk at the top of your head and even if you know what you need to do, you are in doubt and the question whether this is really right. You must learn to rely on your intuition and on the inside, you know what is right. See also Online Taurus Zodiac Signs.

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