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Friday, December 3, 2010

Zodiac Signs Cancer Online

Zodiac signs meanings

Zodiac sign Cancer is emotional and nurturing
As a cancer, you are Often misrepresented. Sure you are touchy, moody and overly sensitive but you are Also the nurturer and probably the most caring Signs of all the zodiac. You are very emotional, emotions guide your life and this cans be a good thing but it usually causes you trouble. Your emotions overflow from yourself and on to the people WHO are close to you. You Strive for happiness and security.

Cancer sign is a perfectionist
You are so passionate about the Things in your life, You Want everything to be perfect. This puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on you. Nothing in life is perfect and accidents Happen. You worry too much and you Might never stop worrying but if you are at least aware That you worry Because you care and need security, this Might help ease your emotional troubles. You have to Lighten up a little bit and know That somethings are out your control. What is meant to be earnest be, you can not completely control your destiny.

Cancer sign is mysterious and secretive
You are an amazing friend but you do not have many - by your own choice. To the world, people see your shell but to Them you are a mystery, no one really knows the real you. Only A Few do, the Few That you have selected after a rigorous process of observation cans get close. You have difficulty trusting people, this is Because you know That allowing anyone to get close to you will eventually cause you pain and Suffering, and you need to Avoid Pain at all costs Because you feel it too intensely and you suffer immensely. You are Easily hurt by someone's comment, even if joking They were the resource persons you take it Seriously. If someone harms you, They are on your hit list and you will of never forgive Them Easily. On the other hand, anyone WHO goes out of Their way to do something for you, you remember forever and will from repay That person.

Cancer sign is caring
You care so deeply That other's pain is your pain, Their bliss is your bliss. You experience feelings and emotions just as intensely as the other person and They probably do not know this. If They disregard you, you are Easily hurt but if They Knew how you really felt, They Might REACT differently and sympathize with you for sympathizing with Them. This Might sound confusing but the lesson here is to reveal your feelings and be straight the other person. Tell Them how you feel and what you think Because if you do not, people can not read your mind and They Will Never Know. Unfortunately, it is hard to open up Because as a Cancer, you are a crab in your shell and revealing your true feelings is like exposing your delicate Underbelly, you fear getting hurt. No one realizes just how over-sensitive you are (unless They are reading this right now)!

Cancer sign is protective
Just like the crab in it's shell, you usually earnest attempt to retreat but if you cannot, you will of strike with your claws and defend yourself. That this means you cans be downright nasty if you or someone you love suffers injustice. You are a powerful force to be reckoned with Pls you are needed. You will of defend your turf, you are Quite the territorial and possessive. Any one or anything That Becomes your 'property' will from be yours for life, you will from it forever defend, nurture it and wrap it under your soft and cozy security blanket.

Cancer sign wears rose colored glasses
If you are faced with a dire situation and your defense Efforts are hopeless, or even if it is something you do not really care about, you will from step aside and Avoid it. You Might find That you have a list of Things to be done that have not yet been done, these are just Things That you do not really care about. Then you procrastinate and hide in the corner hoping it will from go away. Unfortunately, you have to take off your rose colored glasses and deal with Things you do not Want To deal with.

Cancer sign is assertive and sucessful
The Biggest lesson for you to learn in life is That you can do anything you put your mind to. Lose the shaky self-confidence and get to work on that project That you are unsure about. You have the drive needed to see Things though Until completion, the assertiveness required to MOTIVATE people to be on your side and help you, the adaptability to confront any situation, you have the intelligence to know WHERE to put your money and do not forget That cancer is the most intuitive sign, trust you gut instinct Because it will not steer you in the wrong direction. Security is Very Important to you and this includes financial security and your intuition will of never steer you away from your security blanket. Cancer cans be wildy successful in business, you just have to take the first step and make your move. See also Gemini Zodiac Signs Online

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