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Friday, December 3, 2010

Zodiac Signs Taurus Online

Zodiac Signs Meaning

Taurus sign is caring
Taurus is known, the loyalty of their dependency, and care for them and preserve nature. You are the most loyal friend and you are always there when someone has a problem or need a shoulder to cry. You are very responsive and hate to see someone upset, if something unjust has happened to close friends (or you in this case), you'll be struggling to make correctly, anything to restore peace. Taurus is very important for the world's smooth flow.

Taurus sign is stable and headstrong
bull is the perfect animal to represent you, like living in your area, protect it, a creature, happy go lucky gentle care of your own business, it is not out to hurt anyone but if someone should try to attack you or cross your property, your emotions will flare and you will be charged non-stop to protect what is yours and you will never give up, a quiet bull will turn into a fierce warrior. You have a temperament which sometimes get out of control, once you excited difficult to soothe your back. This could be a good thing because it shows perseverance but can also cause problems because you can be blind when your emotions are burning and you can say the wrong thing and cause more problems in the end.

Taurus sign is possessive
You are very possessive of your environment and property. your property like a little extension of yourself and if someone treats them with disrespect, it's like to treat you with disrespect. Conflicts can arise with the zodiac signs of the 'field' who do not understand your need for security through your property, but we are all different and they will never understand. You should not worry about what other people think.

Taurus sign thrives on routine and stability
You tend to live life looking through rose-colored glasses. You want everything to be there, perfect, settle and then you are happy. You do not want anyone to ever change or leave. If something is going to move or change, you do not calm down. Taurus, you have to learn to relax. Just because something does not mean changing your world fall apart. You are a powerful bull, remember? You can do anything. It is embedded in your natural fear of unknown. This is not really due to a lack of confidence, but it is because a strong need for security. fortitude you can fall, as you prefer to live in an unhealthy relationship or a bad job that makes you suffer and then leave for at least intimate relationships and jobs. You need a standard daily routine to be happy. In this world, this is not always possible so you quite often panic when things change. You will never change but if you are aware of the tendency of your ingrained, it will be easier to understand why you do things you do and if you are aware, your life may be subtle and you probably do not panic as much.

Taurus sign loves the finer things in life
You are very conservative and tasteful. You like to surround yourself and decorate with things that are classy, comfortable and elegant. You enjoy your convenience and this includes food. You like to cook a delicious meal and presentation is everything. You can even enjoy food too much, this is the downfall of the Taurus Taurus because many women and men have a tendency to be overweight or weight with ease.

Taurus sign is affectionate
You are very physical, you love to hug and touch. You are very dear when you're in love and the love you lavish on your partner. You need to remain tasteful, however, you are not wrong to make in front of a crowd. You are very honorable.

Taurus sign is stubborn
You are very stubborn. You will not give up or change your opinion, sometimes if the facts are present that you're wrong, you will maintain your position only to have your way. You need a little more open minded to changes and if you may be able to adapt to new situations, your life will flow so smoothly. Deep inside you might not want your life to be smooth because you will have nothing to stir you. You might say that stress is your fuel, you are always trying to improve things and protect something. It's okay, it is what makes you special. see also online Aries Zodiac Signs

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