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Friday, December 3, 2010

Zodiac Signs Scorpio Online

Zodiac signs meanings

Scorpio sign is intense and passionate
No one lived as intensely as a Scorpio. You are so excited with the opinion of the company, there's nothing gray, could be black or white. If you do something, you do so along the road. If you hate something, you really hate and if you love something, you really like it. There is no in between with you.

Scorpio sign needs to be in control
You are a strong, mysterious, almost like a force to be reckoned with. You need control and power you need, you will stop at nothing to get what you want and you are fierce competitors if someone stepping your boundaries. You will not compromise or give in and inches and you are very fixed opinions. This can be good or bad, one one hand, you are very likely to succeed because of your determination, but you also tend to come into conflict with other people who also want to have control and be a leader in a situation. Your thirst for power, but not in kind-see-me from the road, more like the underlying strength to know that this situation is under your control. You would prefer not to have known your strength because there is a risk that someone might try to take it from you, or try to challenge you.

manipulative Scorpio sign you master the art of manipulation, this is the key to get what they want without other people knowing what you do. Sly and cunning. Be careful not to abuse your powers of persuasion and not go and sting because everyone can go back and sting you. You have the ability to be evil and sadistic but stay away from there, you will not have a satisfying life if you cause damage to others.

Scorpio sign is sensitive
You are very sensitive and emotional, but you're rock solid exterior hides it very well. You are easily offended and hurt and you have a very good memory - you will not forgive anyone who has crossed you. Trust is very important for you to get you very few people believe. You are so skeptical that you constantly beat your friends test 'trust' through to see if they graduate. It is a defense mechanism so you do not get hurt. You are very secretive and do not let anyone get too close to you but you want to get close to someone else. You hate to compromise, but sometimes you have to meet half way to get what you want, try it and you'll be surprised.

Scorpio sign is temperamental
You have so much passion and strength that you find yourself sometimes go into self-destructive mode. You need to relax and control of your anger. If something does not go your way, you may have to adapt. You may find that when change the way you came, you get hot and your mind starts to buzz. This is your reaction to the new situation, you will never be exposed and risk losing your power, after all, power and control means safety and you always need to feel safe. Calm down, survey the situation with a clear mind. You need to plan the way to the top, try to tone down without so explosive and maybe you'll have fewer headaches. Remember, you are a manipulator and you can see into the motives of others, you will always end up getting what you want.

Scorpio sign is possessive
In personal relationships, some people can not accept your right. You have so much energy is channeled into your extreme passion that people might misinterpret this. For example, if you get a new boyfriend / girlfriend, you'll want to be around them all the time, protecting them (you are very jealous and possessive) so no one else to take control of your partner. You will really love and intensity it would mislead them into thinking it was love at first sight. They may not know that you never fall in love at first sight. You are just so immediate and intense that even a regular relationship may seem to them like you are upside down. This led to conflicting emotions because you are not going to express your feelings and your boyfriend / girlfriend will think they know. Relationship to you usually end up in chaos at one point or another. Be straight with that person and tell them that you take it slow. This might help a bit!

Scorpio sign is intelligent and determined
You are very hard and get what you want. You have a detective like mind and file away the information for use when the right time. Use the power of good and nothing you can not do. A secret Scorpio nature is how smart you are, you are very observant and curious details about the things you learn. You have the talent to explore and enjoy the intellectual activity. You will be wildy successful in business affairs if you really put your mind to it and focus your energy on that area because you have all the skills needed to rise to the top. See also Libra Zodiac Signs Online

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