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Friday, December 3, 2010

Zodiac Signs Libra Online

Zodiac signs meanings

Libra sign lives in their own world
You are happy go lucky, social butterfly, a diplomat and hesitated. It's almost as though you are floating through life and your popularity, luxury and are generally good, helpful and fun loving attitude bring you luck and take you in your journey through life. You do not like making decisions, you want a little of everything. You want everyone to be happy, no arguments or problems and live happily ever after. Yes, you wear rose-colored glasses. This is Libra. Unfortunately, the real world is rarely what you want to be. In order to achieve peace, you live with what you like and avoid what does not. This led to a number of laziness in you. If you are not interested in something, you're not going to do it. You are famous on the delay if there is something you want to do, if you do not care about it, you avoid it.

Libra sign needs balance and harmony
You hate the strife and chaos because it puts your mind in danger, you need a sense of balance. Libra is represented by the scale. You will balance the pros and cons of everything, this is why you are so indecisive. You see both sides of everything and you see that there are good and bad, and instead make a decision, you will sit on the fence.

Libra sign is sensitive
You may find you sitting on the fence because you do not want to hurt the feelings of others. You are very sensitive and you assume that someone else also. You hate rejection and denying people you avoid at all costs. If you are for hurting someone's feelings, there is a possibility they may not want you as much as they did before (so you think). You do not want to lose your fan base, yes, your Libra pleased to have followers.

Libra sign needs to be needed
You are so eager to please others so they like you, you have revered and loved. You have to be respected and by doing things for other people, you get what you want in return. Sometimes your desire to please others is very strong, you really will get out of your way and put other needs before your own. You are sometimes too eager to please and people may take advantage of you. You have to learn that just because you say 'no' to someone does not mean that they would no longer like you. You have to look out for yourself and stop being so concerned about other people think of you. You are full of kindness, gentleness and you are a peaceful, people will love you, you are great to be around so lost confidence waver and stood alone!

Libra sign is social
You need to have a permanent partner, whether girlfriend / boyfriend or close friends that you spend every second wake. You want to establish a close relationship of sharing and trust, you want someone to share your emotions. You will do everything to balance the relationship and make it work, it is a kind of 'project' you. Unfortunately, you are so attached that you will live in a healthy relationship and try to make it work. Problems may arise again because you're a natural charmer, a natural flirt. Your loyalty is usually called into question when you are flirting or having an eye around, but you appreciate the beauty and your spouse probably will not understand. You are the perfect companion for the right person. Avoid the jealous type because this would cause so many problems and you two will never see eye to eye.

Libra sign is independent
You believe that you're free as a bird, to experience things in life, make peace and have fun. Even if you cling to your partner, you will not lose your identity in a relationship, you just passionate about it. You live in your mind through your relationships. You have to interact with others.

Libra sign loves love and the finer things in life
You are the main romantic. You love affection, even with your friends you hug them and give them gifts. You are happy to receive gifts as well, you are very materialistic, but not in the way that the Taurus is materialistic, you need your property because you love luxurious environment, the beauty and detail. You are happy when you surround yourself with beautiful things. You treat your property like your friends too, almost as if you form a relationship with them. Your car may have a name, or at least talk to it, right? Libra is the sign of relationships, sharing and caring. Diplomatic, loving, kind and sentimental, you are optimistic and love to give attention as long as you get attention, once again, all the balances on. Strike the perfect balance and live happily ever after. Just remember that sometimes life you are faced with things you do not like love and the problems that are beyond your control. Wear your rose-colored glasses at times but keep in mind that they must come from every now and then. Face life on my head, put yourself first and try to not so strict and life will be smooth and happy as you want! Ssee also Virgo Zodiac Signs Online

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