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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taurus Horoscope Today | Zodiac Signs Meaning

Taurus Horoscope Today | Zodiac Signs Meaning

Taurus horoscope today include: Taurus Zodiac Sign, Characteristics, Personality, Traits, Physical Features, predictions of love

Taurus Element: Earth
Quality Taurus: Fixed
Rulers Taurus: Venus
Symbol Taurus: The Bull
Taurus Your stone: Emerald

TAURUS STAR prediction today: smart, reflective, attracted by the perfume and the dealers in it, hated by women, slow to act, musicians, self-confident, delicious drinks, good food, thoughtful, genuine, friendly, intelligent, prominent nose.

Humble, grounded, connected with sensual body, pleasure seeking; hard head, still, stood their ground; focus and concentrate energy, giving concrete expression, practical, provides stamina and persistence; slow, steady, methodical; fertile, productive; unreflective, satisfied just being; spirit involved with the material world.

General character: Taurus is determined and peaceful. Although you are not a leader, you will recognize someone with great leadership qualities and follow them. You try to stay the same as everyone else, and resistant to change. People will enjoy you because you have a good sense of humor and intelligent. You are a reliable friend is not afraid to die by a challenge. You may believe fully in your values that you will sacrifice relationships to uphold them. Some Taureans need to be told that they did a good job after completing the task before they feel that they have really accomplished something. Your friends are the people in the same social status as you, and you rarely go out on his feet. Although you are calm and generally against fighting, you'll fight if someone provokes you. Your patience is likely to explode in a violent explosion that is not always directed at people who should.

Physical Fetaures: Individuals born under the sign of Taurus will tend to have a long face, well defined jaw, small ears, large and dimpled chin, sometimes prominent forehead, pointed or short and turned-up nose, large and expressive eyes offers gaze, vague, clear, fair skin, fair skin is often beautiful, complete and well-shaped lips, small and even teeth, and good, straight hair often. Many astrologers believe that the Taurus is very handsome individual. They are usually considered to be above average height and women often have a plump figure, swan neck and nose Greece. Some women Aphrodites pure. They are beautifully proportioned, and very graceful in their movement and emit a deep sensuality broadcast, amazing images of strength, and the tremendous pull.

Gary Cooper Taurian exhibited a slow, easy way we associate with being the most Taurus. These people are usually quiet and short words, but a sharp sense of their (and the sound of gold) to help us enjoy the pleasures of this world.

Physical characteristics include thick, curly hair, broad and cows kept eyebrows, broad nose, square jaw and a heavy neck and shoulders. These creatures seem immovable, but you can expect some movement from fixed signs of the other.

Taurus celebrities:
Michelle Pfieffer
Uma Thurman
George Cloony
Bea Arthur
Jack Nicholson
Al Pacino

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