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Friday, February 5, 2010

Aquarius Horoscope Today | Zodiac Signs Meaning

Aquarius Horoscope Today | Zodiac Signs Meaning: Symbol Aquarius

Aquarius Element: Water
Quality of Aquarius: Fixed
Lord of Aquarius: Saturn, Uranus
Symbols Aquarius: Carrier Air
Your stone Aquarius: Amethyst
Aquarius Zodiac Sign, Characteristics, Personality, Nature, Physical Features

AQUARIUS STAR RALAN TODAY IS: poor, not happy, fortunate, failure, of medium height, a rare faculty, self-esteem.

Although the ideas are often far-sighted, they can be held and expressed in a rigid, dogmatic fashion (this is a fixed sign, afterall!); "Everyone should be free to be like me!"; Idealists, utopian; comes a sense of group identity - groups and their goals, tend to dominate them; impersonal thinking, apart from emotional considerations; produces "humanitarian without compassion"; friendship based on shared goals.

General behavior: Aquarians in general come in two types: shy, and live. Both are strong-willed and honest. Your thoughts and your regular plan your life in a systematic way. Sometimes you're aggressive and loud. You do not prejudiced and can see another point of view. You are serious, but you can also funny with a dry humor. You also logical and intelligent. There are times when you feel the need to withdraw from people and alone for a while, which causes some people to think that you are a loner. But, when you're alone, you enjoy meditating and prayer. Aquarians are usually gifted in drama. You are very independent and rarely go along with the crowd. Some Aquarians are selfish, as a result will make your friends go.

Physical Fetaures: They believe that individuals born under the sign of Aquarius tend to have expression of vague, high forehead, finely chiseled features, which typically face long and oval with flat areas, and that there was a view of the nobility suggestive of classical Greek or Roman models . They believe that they are under the average height and has a slim body. They believe their eyes usually light colored to convey remoteness and has a dreamy quality. They believed also to have an average Aquarians nose and full lips in the center and thinner toward the edges.

Find cubical high forehead and wavy hair. Note the small, square-tipped nose, cheek dimples and smile tightly drawn. These signs usually have lids that rose from the slope on both sides. This gives the impression that they were not blinking into the up and down like a normal person.

Celebrity Aquarius:
Clark Gable
Nick Nolte
Gena Davis
Cybill Shepherd
Alan Alda
Oprah Winfrey

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