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Sunday, January 22, 2012

March Zodiac Sign 2011

This forecast horoscope for the month of March 2011, based on the phase of the Moon, planetary aspects, and the fixed star astrology. During February the focus is on Mars aggression, very quickly now March the focus is on changes in Uranus, freedom and consciousness. Uranus is square the Lunar Eclipse in December 2010 degrees, and the South Node is also at the level of the eclipse, then Mercury and Uranus join later in the month of Full Moon opposite Uranus. Tension, revolution, change. At the end of March is the end of Jupiter opposite Saturn aspect, compared to growth contraction, hope rather than fear, the way to go?

Uranus is very important not only earlier this month because the Lunar Nodes square degrees in December and the Lunar Eclipse, but also because the line up with the star remains Scheat, Pegasus Constellation (right at the March 3).
Uranus join Scheat twice last year, May and August. As predicted this result in disastrous weather conditions which affected Pakistan, China, Brazil and elsewhere. We can see more of this end of February and into March.

On March 4, there is the New Moon at 14 Pisces on a small star in the constellation Aquarius. This star is the water vapor flowing from the jar. Water water everywhere! Hopefully not as far as last year because Jupiter was involved at that time, extended its influence.

Another effect of Scheat I find in history is by a general strike, the masses stood up to the government. This does not work for conjunctions years ago, but we can this happen in March because now we have a Lunar eclipse effect in December and the South Node to the star Betelgeuse militants remain, the Orion Constellation, all square Uranus in Scheat. It may be a factor in the recent protests in North Africa. Another factor contributing to this social and political upheavel is the increasing influence of Uranus Square Pluto. With the Lunar Nodes square Uranus, we get the urge for freedom and the Uranian cause change dilemma that the way to go, which path to take.

Iraq is a country to see this instability to the surface. You can see in the horoscope for the New Government of Iraq, which was formed last May, that Uranus is in Scheat, square Venus on Betelgeuse. March can present a major challenge for the Iraqi government. In the charts that they also have Jupiter opposite Saturn, and Jupiter opposition Saturn later this month in the Lunar Nodes square close their chart. Uranus is right for the return of Iraq on March 7, and Mercury are conjunct in Scheat Uranus on March 9.

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