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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sun Sign Compatibility-Capricorn

Sun Sign Compatibility-Capricorn. Capricorn Sun Sign Compatibility Matches - Matches With Capricorn.

The following compatibility Capricorn with other stars:
Both of you are active, motivated individuals, but ARIES's focus is more on being self-reliant, independent and personally creative, while CAPRICORN likes to follow a well-planned, stable path to success. ARIES feels very constrained and inhibited by social norms, schedules and employers, while CAPRICORN works well where there is a clear hierarchy and social order, such as in a large business, college curriculum, or military pecking order. ARIES's impulsiveness and indifference to social customs clashes with CAPRICORN's conservatism sometimes. But ARIES can also give CAPRICORN sober encouragement, hope, and enthusiasm, and CAPRICORN can help ARIES organize and direct abundant energy.

Both of you are very practical people, with good common sense. Your grounded and realistic approach to issues makes you very compatible philosophically and intellectually. Over time, the two of you may become too complacent and conservative, and focus too much on mundane affairs or narrowly focused mental interests. Take time for sheer fun and enjoyment and do not become too serious. You feel you can rely on one another. You can also accomplish a lot together: CAPRICORN is a good organizer and strategist and TAURUS will follow through with any joint plan. You make a good team.

The two of you are very different! CAPRICORN approaches life in a much more methodical, planned, patient manner than GEMINI. CAPRICORN uses a clear strategy and is willing to work hard for many long years to gradually achieve the intended goal. CAPRICORN is capable of great reliability and dedication, and will, for example, be willing to work through years of school until the desired degree is achieved, or work through a business or government hierarchy until a top position is achieved. GEMINI may also be successful, but the route is very different. GEMINI succeeds through curiosity, flexibility and adaptability, and communication skills. Unlike CAPRICORN, GEMINI is not inclined to persevere through the dry periods but rather moves on to more interesting material once a point of stagnation is reached. Both approaches can work, but they are different, and you may reach points in your lives where you cannot come to an agreement on the proper path to take.

CAPRICORN often seems like the adult in the relationship and can feel too conservative or serious to GEMINI. GEMINI is more like the child (or adolescent), being more flexible and playful but also less reliable and consistent.

In many ways the two of you are opposites. CANCER needs a lot of domestic and family activities. Nurturing others and personal involvement with others is a necessary part of life for CANCER. Family and close friends are extremely important for CANCER, while CAPRICORN often becomes emotionally detached from personal affairs and may fail to fully appreciate CANCER's more personal, emotional responses to situations. CAPRICORN may seem dry and perhaps overly ambitious to CANCER.

Your differences can serve to complement each other only if you really understand and appreciate each other. Both of you do seek security, consistency, and fidelity in relationships, so there is a reasonably good chance that over time you will develop a greater appreciation for each other's opposite qualities.

CAPRICORN's more emotionally detached, reserved, down-to-earth and somewhat cynical or skeptical attitude contrasts with LEO's warm enthusiasm and basically cheerful temperament. In your personal style and tastes, also, this difference is very apparent: CAPRICORN prefers the classics, simple elegance, and either a very conservative, traditional style or an austere less-is-more, keep-it-simple style. LEO has a generous, lavish hand and loves rich color, warmth, and brilliance that borders on gaudiness. Sometimes, this translates into emotional terms also. CAPRICORN is more careful, cooler, less inclined to gamble, wants a sure thing. LEO is more open and expressive and warm, and needs an abundance of appreciation and affection - more than CAPRICORN is inclined to give sometimes. One thing you do have in common: you both take your commitments to heart, and you prize fidelity and loyalty.

Both of you are very practical, well-grounded people. You are responsible, trustworthy, and mature as well. CAPRICORN is a little more inclined to develop a strategy and plan for success, and have a practical scheme for advancing in career, while VIRGO tends to rely more on practical skills and personal talents. VIRGO enjoys providing a clear, tangible service to others. Your energies blend together well, and you can be a very effective team in business affairs and practical undertakings. It is possible that your relationship will be a bit dry or mundane, particularly if the romantic and/or sexual connections between you are not very strong. The joy, color, and light side of life may be missing.

LIBRA is very social and prefers a life style that involves lots of interaction with others. For example, a job that does not involve communication with others is very distasteful to LIBRA. CAPRICORN is more concerned with career, stature, and practical affairs than LIBRA, and many times LIBRA wishes that CAPRICORN would lighten up, take life less seriously, and simply be more fun to be with. CAPRICORN seems a little old-fashioned at times too, which is frequently not agreeable with LIBRA. You can help complement each other also, with CAPRICORN contributing more to establishing a secure, well-founded plan for your lives and the future of your children (if you are married and have children), while LIBRA takes the time to maintain social contacts and keep life in balance, making sure that pressures of work and other responsibilities do not become overwhelming. Pleasure and aesthetics are important to LIBRA, and less so to CAPRICORN. Also, CAPRICORN tends to be autocratic and LIBRA is more democratic or egalitarian.

Both of you are initially very careful about revealing feelings, motives and vulnerabilities; you are unwilling to reveal your depths to others initially. It takes time for both of you to trust and become open emotionally. Both of you have a natural suspiciousness and reserve, and both are disinclined to have casual relationships.

The difference between you is this: CAPRICORN has a much greater capacity for objectivity, emotional distance, and detachment than SCORPIO. CAPRICORN can be strangely aloof at times, especially when feeling threatened, while SCORPIO will seethe with emotion. SCORPIO is instinctive and passionate, and gets totally immersed in, and attached to, a lover. CAPRICORN may or may not feel as bonded, and even if CAPRICORN feels as strongly as SCORPIO, CAPRICORN may not be able to show the depth of feelings and emotional responsiveness that SCORPIO desires.

This is unlikely to be a light, frothy, "fun" relationship -but then neither of you really wants that anyway.

Work versus play, or Optimism and faith versus Realism and doubt are likely to be issues in this relationship, with SAGITTARIUS being the playful, optimistic one, and CAPRICORN being the realist. Many times SAGITTARIUS will be in the mood for socializing, traveling, or engaging in some form of entertainment, while CAPRICORN feels that there are responsibilities that should be taken care of first. At such times CAPRICORN feels that SAGITTARIUS is too irresponsible, inconsiderate, and immature, while SAGITTARIUS feels that CAPRICORN is boring and dull.

SAGITTARIUS is also prone to fits of optimism and is inclined to gamble and speculate, whereas CAPRICORN prefers a well thought out, clear, practical plan. Also, CAPRICORN is inclined to be serious toward relationships and wants a secure, committed relationship, while SAGITTARIUS wants more space and freedom.

If your dissimilarities are not too extreme, you can complement each other rather than frustrate each other, with SAGITTARIUS providing the energy and vision, and CAPRICORN providing the steady hand and practical applications.

Both of you are very practical, realistic people. You set clear goals in life and you are persistent, reliable workers that eventually reach a high level of success. Together you can build a secure and stable life. You appreciate the high level of integrity, maturity, and responsibility that you share with your partner. You could be a very successful team in business activities as well. A lack of zest and liveliness in your lives may develop, particularly if you have been married to each other for a long time. Both of you have a great deal of objectivity and emotional detachment, but this can degrade into the undesirable qualities of boredom, apathy, or heartlessness. If your relationship and your lives become too filled with mundane concerns, too centered around responsibilities and business, you should both consider engaging in light, childish activities and amusements on occasion, and remember to laugh heartily at least once a day!

Both of you invest a lot of time in work and career and your talents and interests complement each other nicely. CAPRICORN brings practicality, objectivity, persistence, reliability, and tenacity, while AQUARIUS brings greater ingenuity, sensitivity to current trends, an awareness of the complexities and intricacies inherent in any situation, and the ability to reach out to a lot of people. A problem in your relationship is that it may become very focused on outer things and not enough on each other, allowing you to become a bit detached and aloof from each other, and the domestic and romantic aspect of your relationship could be weak. Hopefully both of you have other astrological factors (which would be discussed elsewhere in this report) to provide warmth, emotional sensitivity, and romantic attraction to your relationship.

You are opposites in many respects: CAPRICORN is practical and realistic, deals effectively with the demands and responsibilities of the work place, and has a serious, sometimes cynical attitude toward life. PISCES on the other hand, is a sensitive, imaginative dreamer at heart, far more emotional and empathic than CAPRICORN is. PISCES intuitively knows that there is much more to life than what can be measured in material, concrete terms. CAPRICORN is essentially a "doubting Thomas" who requires proof. Where PISCES tends to be gullible, CAPRICORN tends to be skeptical.

Also, CAPRICORN thrives on order and organization, while PISCES is frequently disorganized or more comfortable in an atmosphere of clutter and "creative chaos".

Both of you have a certain reserve, depth, and tendency to introspection and you may have much to offer one another if you are willing to appreciate the differences between you.

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