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Friday, December 3, 2010

Zodiac Signs Aquarius Online

Zodiac signs meanings

Aquarius sign is independant
Aquarius is the sign of the ultimate in freedom, you are offbeat and different, you like to be different so you will deliberately go against the crowd to stand out. You have big ideals and can see all the problems in the world. You are a humanitarian and wish the world a happier place. You are very smart, quick smart, clever and confident in your abilities.

Aquarius sign is a paradox
You are a social butterfly is not happy alone. You have the ability to love something and hate at the same time. You stay intense in your mind and you seem to be above all things, including emotions. You are emotionally separate and cool because you do not understand emotions and you might even believe that they are the reason there are so many problems in the world. Emotions also tie you down, like a commitment, you are so independent that you will avoid this at all costs.

Aquarius sign is sucessful
You know what you must do to be successful and you are very determined to achieve your goal, you do not lose yourself in trouble because you are a very good problem solver. Aquarians are very good businessman, but make sure you have an accountant because you are easily bored with subtle details like accounting!

Aquarius sign is a rebel
Provided no one tries to control you or dictate to you, everything is good to go. As soon as someone tries to restrict your freedom or control you, you become a rebel. Be careful not to let this get out of control because sometimes you need to follow the rules. Do not become a rebel without a cause because you have too much potential to spend your energy on futile action.

Aquarius sign is firm in opinion
You really still think (though they may change on day to day), you preach what you believe and can become an activist for the cause you believe in. You can convince people to see your point of view because you have the ability to justify your reasons and actions. You can do many good things in the world if you stand up for what you believe - especially injustice. You hate to see others take advantage of others and acts of injustice.

Aquarius sign is smart
You love learning and you have a great thirst for knowledge. You inform yourself and love inform others. The people believe what you say to you only speak the truth. You will sometimes inflate your own interests and 'blowing your own trumpet', others might think you're stuck and bossy but you believe you are great and you do not really care what people think of you.

Aquarius sign needs to be needed
Deep down inside you want the approval of others and you will work hard so that other people like you. You may have internal struggle between being different and having other people accept you. Some Aquarians may have a fundamental insecurity problem is you never let it know or bother you because you know that you are unique and you would rather be an individual it will be in accordance with the group.

Aquarius sign is verbal and intellectual
You say what you mean and you are very observant, this mixture with your emotional coolness and you can easily - and do offend others. But you do not have this intention. Watch what you say about the type is more sensitive. You also tend to make fun of people you thought boring and inferior, like a kind of effect see see, you put them down and it makes you feel better. You may not realize this but be careful around the people, it's not their fault you are smarter then them! You love a lively debate and you want others to see the point of view. For you, life is a study of people. You want to know what makes other people successful. What were they thinking? You are trying to delve into the minds of others and you are easily lost in the conversation. In all relationships, including romantic relationships, you are most happy when there is a meeting of minds. You should be compatible with the person's mental, it is very important that it is above all else.

Aquarius sign is emotionally detached
In a romantic relationship, you want to keep their distance. You act separately and your boyfriend / girlfriend might be wondering why you do this, one day you are attached and happy and the next day you avoid them. You do this because you need your space. You fear losing your freedom in a relationship so if you feel tightness, your back. If you connect mentally, you are faithful to your partner. Make sure you choose someone who is not possessive or jealous because if you if do not have room, you just will sail from happy and never look back, life is too short and too interesting to be bound by someone else. See also Capricorn Zodiac Signs Online.

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