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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dream Divination | Zodiac Signs

The following predictions dreams by horoscope:

Dream Or Events Related Events
Dreaming perform prayers address will perfect the work in the world and the hereafter

Dreaming prevailing war while or you'll go for Hajj address will be forgiveness for your sins of the world and the hereafter

Dreaming of entering the mosque haram or perform tawaf in baitulallah address you will get a reward and enjoyable afterlife and if someone is in pain she would soon recover

Dreaming give alms or Zakat Al-Fitr you will feel safe and happy joy

Dreaming pleading to Allah Ta'ala prayer or reading the Quran at your home address you will escape danger or perfect than any work done

If you dream of reading the Quran in a voice that continued long address your age

If the dream of fast riches the address you'll get people who agree or be large

If you dream of yourself in a state of prostration address you will be imprisoned

Dreaming my prayers corpse give you the address will get a reward in this world and hereafter

If you dream of seeing a lamp or something that signal the work you do can not be done by others

Dreaming of yourself or your house burns down indicates you will get good science in the world and the hereafter

If you dream to see the entrance to the garden or something you'll get the address area of the happy news

If you dream of seeing a straight path to give your address will do all messengers of Allah Ta'ala

If you dream of seeing the road to a week to give instructions you will get a big advantage

If you dream of seeing a narrow street address you will experience difficulty

Dreaming shield too much in your house your home address maintained Than any crime

Dreaming about arrows indicate you will get a letter

If you dream of yourself in the arrow of the address you will send the story to someone

Dreaming archery wood will apply signifies death

Dreaming iron play to give the address of any work performed will end with a triumph

Dreaming of playing with guns signify that someone will get a good rather than what is done to merit

Dreaming about diamonds bring your markers will have riches or promotions

Dreaming of wearing a silver bracelet on foot you will get a good address

Dreaming of money cut in half you will make a row address

Bertengkolok dream big or you'll be wearing a big or a ranking of influential people

Dreaming green cloth had addresses all the work done will of God Taala get humility. Dreaming wear fabric Gives You the address will of get a big advantage

If the dream torn loin cloth in the address family would die and if torn clothes his death address

Dreaming about the sound of drums in the house blessed by your work address

If the sound of fiddle dream joy in life allotted address

If you dream of eating kuih apam address you have will of Riches, and if eating the same food menu with a king or a great man you will from be achieved

Address one's dream of eating sugar would grieve

Dreaming of eating sour foods will give you address pain or grief

If you dream of eating the address drug will from be in safe condition and safe

Had dreamed yourself to have recovered from a fever, indicating your ideals will prevail.

If you dream of red or black face indicates that you are going to get dangerous.

If your teeth broken dream signifies your brother will get a misfortune or death.

If you hit people dream of yourself or bleeding signifies you will lose the property.

If the teacher scolded dream, signifies you will wrath by great men.

If your dream house or someone else's house collapses your address will be vilified.

If the dream of rising to the big house or a beautiful palace you will gain greatness in the world and the hereafter.

If you dream of making your home address or the wall will of acquire wealth and his Congratulations on your work.

If you dream of seeing a high house indicates you will be friends with bad people

Dreaming of a broken ladder signifies your house would be betrayed

If only in your dreams you berwudhuk address your employment will be perfect

If the dream is not allowed to swim or extreme shortness of breath indicates you will acquire wealth or science

If you dream of walking or sailing to distant places signify something you will be glorified person

Dreaming of fighting cocks connecting signifies your boys will from some friends with good people

If you dream of seeing Allah Ta'ala with the absence of which resemble him with something, everything will be obtained and he was the mayor who might receive the glory of God in the world and the hereafter

Had someone had a dream to see the Messenger of Allah you will go to heaven

If you dream of seeing the angel Gabriel as come to you, you will get a reward in this world and hereafter

If in the dream someone was seen footbridge siratulmustaqim, someone was going to get good jobs and shunned than crime

Had a dream saw the pastor or indigent, you will of been given something by God's peace be upon him

Had a dream saw a man more crowded than the women you will get good marks

If you dream of holding dakwat or pen, the address you'll get the wife, science and the lawful property

If you dream of your body glowing eyes or your address will get a perfectly good

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