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Monday, February 8, 2010

Leo Horoscope Today | Zodiac Signs Meaning

Leo Horoscope Today | Zodiac Signs Meaning | Leo Symbol

Leo horoscope is as follows: Stubborn, fixed views, strong, violent, independent, develop capacities and talents for propaganda, humanitarian, places that often solitary, cheap, well-known.

Ego, selfish, arrogant; fixed, stubborn, persistent; artistic or creative expression as a vehicle for revealing "who I am"; need to be center of attention, requires acknowledgment and approval, likes to be noticed and appreciated ( "ego-strokes"); integrity personal, honest with himself, honorable, trustworthy; king, confident, self-confident.

General character: King planet Sun set your zodiac sign. You want to live like a king. You are a very ambitious and want to go up in your chosen profession. You have been blessed with a strong personality, which can take you places if you want. You are logical in your approach to many things but sometimes you get so upset over small issues. Open, you have many friends and you are good hosts. You learn to grow your own even if it's an expensive idea since you are ready to sacrifice a lot if the benefits in the long run. You are very much a materialistic person, you will find it difficult to do without worldly things. Figure that illustrates, however, is the strong silent type. Your plus point is to maintain good relationships with people who can be useful for you in several ways. You are headstrong though you may behave otherwise. Sometimes you act very shallow and you will not know why. You are quite power-hungry and given to any crime that could cause you destruction both mentally and physically. You are basically an outsider and will have lots of friends. You are a very loved because you're talking attractive and have a good attitude. You can not tolerate your failures because you want to govern and you can not wait to reach that level. You do not let anyone come in the way to achieve power. You are brave and do not spend sleepless nights on the big or small concerns that you have given sincere and fair. Basically the open, you reach people in all walks of life. You really help those in trouble and do not expect anything in return. To win your favor, it is wise to flatter you and this happens to you all the time, but you will not notice.

Physical Fetaures: Some Leos are usually considered as the average high altitude but a few short, with high cheekbones, full lips, trim athletic legs, the physical characteristics of a strong, complementary well-defined (hands, feet, etc.), and large, distant eyes. Leos also tend to have very soft skin and thick hair shining in the sun. Say they tend to keep their heads held high and look down their noses at others.

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