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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meanings Pisces Zodiac Signs

Meanings Pisces Zodiac Signs

Pisces Zodiac Sign, Pisces Characteristics, Pisces Personality, Nature Pisces, Pisces Physical Features

Pisces Element: Water
Pisces Quality: Mutable
Pisces Ruler: Jupiter Neptune
Pisces Symbol: The Fish
Your Pisces stone: Bloodstone

pisces horoscope is:
PISCES SUN: Pearl dealer, peaceful, rich, smooth, religious, lost, loved by women if you are a man, if you are a woman in love with him.

Mysticism, escape into the One; see the unity, failed to make a "normal" distinctions, often weak ego; victim, martyr, servant; tends to escape, fantasy, drugs (especially alcohol), religion; very receptive, sensitive , even psychic; co-dependency, care-taking; withdrawn from the world; release of the world.

General character: Two fish associated with your Zodiac Sign. You are generous, caring, and good. However, you tend to be more concerned about the problems of others than your own. You are not the people who determine and may change your mind many times. You are also a follower, but you do not always choose good leaders. Because of good qualities, you will be popular with many types of people, but when you are driving your secret friends go. Weak concentration skills can get into trouble at school.

Physical Fetaures: their lips will tend to be full of wrinkles or quality pursed, jaw is generally weak or calm, and in some people, there will be a tendency to double chin. Generally small nose, facial features will be rounded, especially the cheeks, which may be prominent in some ways, remind you of the gills zodiacal their mascot. The same eyes, may seem to stand out with a bit of a sleepy or dreamy expression, and in it you can get the impression of wisdom, mystery or spiritual depth. For this reason, Pisces eyes are perhaps the most beautiful in all the zodiac. The neck is generally graceful, meeting at the shoulders with some smooth lines. Most Pisceans are tall, with some short individuals.

Look for patterns Mobius fluid. He sent a large, full eyes peering out in two directions. Heavy eyelids, nose and big lips looked tired and unanchored. When Pisces' Modified Waters washed his face, the foundation faces a shift and change - when they changed to the current winding.

Pisces celebrities are:
  1. Ted Kennedy
  2. Willard Scott
  3. Hal Lynden
  4. Erma Bombeck
  5. Sally Jessy Raphael
  6. Joanne Woodward

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