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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Capricorn Zodiac Signs Meanings

Capricorn Zodiac Signs Meanings

Welcome to Zodiac Signs Meanings in this web we will discuss the characteristics, personalities, Nature, Physical Features Capricorn

Capricorn Element: Earth
Quality Capricorn: Cardinal
Rulers Capricorn: Saturn
Symbols Capricorn: The Goat
Your stone Capricorn: Garnet

Capricorn horoscope is as follows:
Capricorn SUN: Mean-minded, stubborn, ignorant, miserly, ambitious, unhappy, boring, active, meddlesome, obliging, funny, intelligent, friendly, wise, decisive.

Serious, determined, disciplined, focused; need to play more; father, disciplining love; authority figures; seek certainty in life, wants things "cast in concrete"; the Businessman, concerned with the practical relationships to help you in the community; not interested the "blue sky" ideas, it is necessary to bring theory into concrete reality; "know the rules and play the game"; create a niche in the world.

General behavior: Capricorn (goat) is the most serious of all the zodiac signs. You are independent and (usually) confident. You have a tendency to criticize yourself too much, which can lead to low self-esteem. Capricorns are dependable, but also very cautious. You make a fair, but stubborn leader, and this is a job you can do well. You are very well organized, so you can handle many projects at once. You may go through horrible mood, being friendly one moment and mean the next.

Physical Fetaures: Some have found that physically, individuals born under the sign of Capricorn tend to have dark hair, steady eyes, dark skin, capable hands, and prominent cheekbones.

Thin eyebrows which emphasized steel, which in the eyes fixed. Large drooping snout of a large, thin upper lip, shuffled like a push lower in the mouth chiseled chin. Broad, high cheekbones set pulled down in the center and this provides a Cappies solemn and serious appearance.

Capricorn celebrities:
Faye Dunnaway
Marlene Dietrich
Robert Duvall
Anthony Hopkins
John Denver
Jean Stapleton

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